SEC requirements and EXANTE

This review will allow you to understand the benefits of the EXANTE broker. The first benefit of the EXANTE brokerage company is the great reliability of the financial service provider. Every communication channel with liquidity providers within this broker are duplicated. The company uses more than 400 servers around the world in order to provide greater speed and reliability of trades.

Complying with the SEC requirements

EXANTE broker is 100% safe and reliable as it follows the requirements set forward by the SEC. This is at the basis of the great increase in clients experienced recently.   

Technical support

Exante's client support team is ready 24/7 to answer the questions of its clients. Instant response is one of the main priorities of EXANTE managers. It is possible to contact the support by one of the following means:

·         Phone

·         Email

·         Online chat

All information on the website can be accessed in five different languages. Similarly with the support service, once you contact them, it is possible to converse in your preferred language.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds

To become an EXANTE's client, the first task is to sign a remote agreement. Additionaly steps include:

·         Registration on the broker's website.

·         Confirm the email address provided during registration.

·         Provide a copy of your passport.

After your identity has been confirmed, you will receive details necessary to fund your account through a bank transfer. In order to top-up your account it is possible to use only a bank transfer. 

Trading stocks and ETFs

The EXANTE brokerage company allows you to trade directly with 10,000+ stocks in 30+ different stock exchanges. Your single multi-currency allows you to access the markets in the USA, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The key benefits of cooperating with this broker include

·         More than 10,000 stocks.

·         Access to more than 50 different markets.

·         Smallest latencies in order execution.

·         Prices are set and reflected online. There are special tools to hedge your risks.

·         There’s a possibility of automatic trading.

·         You can use a user-friendly trading platform with a huge number of tools for market analysis.

·         Comparatively low commissions.

Futures trading

With the help of this broker, you can get full access to futures trading on the market ranging from the USA to Singapore. With this broker, you can work in 50 futures markets, and thousands of different assets are available for your use.

Key benefits of futures trading with EXANTE:

·         A huge number of exchanges around the world;

·         Over 7,000 financial instruments are available for use.

·         Very fast execution of orders with minimal delay;

·         All prices are set online and broadcast directly from liquidity providers.

Options trading

EXANTE platform allows you to access the most important markets for options trading. It is possible to work with stock options, interest rates, indices, and futures contracts. Moreover, options are an instrument that allows to significantly reduce one's risk exposure. It is a unique asset that allows you to trade oil, gold, interest rates as well as many other assets.

Those traders curious to engage in option trading can do so on the platform, with low commissions. If you become a client of the broker, you have access to numerous different financial assets, fast execution of trade orders, to say nothing of a very low commission on operations.


EXANTE platform allows to trade also with government bonds. It's even possible to observe the price developments in real time.

Benefits of trading bonds with EXANTE:

·         Fast online execution of trade orders;

·         More than 3,000 bonds are available;

·         A simple and intuitive trading platform;

·         Low commissions for transactions on bonds.

Currencies and metals

Exante allows you to trade with more than 50 different currency pairs with exceptionally small spreads. Additionally, the broker does not perform the functions of a counterparty here. In this situation, EXANTE is an intermediary that benefits by taking commissions from the spreads. Moreover, traders can examine the interbank quotes. Additionally - there is no conflict of interest as the company is not a contractor to the clients' transactions.

There are numerous lower-quality brokers that act in the interest of their clients. In this situation, the client is very likely to lose his funds. Luckily for you, EXANTE is only an intermediary. The broker is there to make you feel as safe as possible and not engage in doubts regarding the safety of your funds. If the minimum trading deposit hasn't scared you away, you should not postpone becoming our client.